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Di Bruno Bros Catering

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Recipes & Tips

Grilled Cheese Recipe: The Jalapeño Business

It's not only what you'd call a nosey pepper, but a Sandwich Conquistador of epic proportions.  Remember how tacos are the best thing ever?  Say "hola...
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News & Events

April is National Grilled Cheese Month!

Pictured above: The "Porchetta 'Bout It!"—our April grilled cheese feature, available at our Franklin, Rittenhouse, Comcast, and Ardmore locations. April...
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Deals & Discounts

Pasta Pot Full of Love: An Ode to Sunday Suppers

Pasta Pot Full of Love. Whether it’s Puttanesca, Sweet Basil & Garlic, our Arrabiatta or Vodka, we’ve got something delicious to dress up...
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