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Hunter Fike




Cheese Plate of the Week August 6th, 2007

Sparkenhoe Red Leicester: Raw Cow, Leicestershire, England
-One of the prime examples of a cheese that represents the “terroir.” Using a recipe that dates to 1745, it is mild, but creamy and complex. The raw milk yields the subtle flavors of the animal’s diet: grassy, herbaceous, slightly fruity and earthy.

Pecorino Ginepro:Sheep, Emilio-Romagna, Italy
-A unique twist on an Italian staple, this pecorino is bathed in balsamic vinegar and rubbed with cracked juniper berries. The berries contribute a slight bitterness while the vinegar adds sweet undertones and keeps the 8-month old cheese moist.

Valencay:Goat, Loire Valley, France
-The quintessential chevre from the premier goat region in the world. Aged in-house for an additional two weeks, these goats are fresh but durable and can be matured in your walk-in for nearly a month. Dusted with an edible vegetable ash, they are creamy and sweet with the capric tang you expect from fresh goat cheeses.

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