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Make Like March – In Like a Lion, Out Like a Lamb

The beginning of March starts off with bone-chilling weather, and ends mildly with subtle hints of Spring and the warmth to come.  With this in mind, it’s been said March goes “In Like a Lion, and Out Like a Lamb.”

We’re spending the month with foods that embody this principle of transformation in hopes it will brings us a sunny reprieve.  We are sure of one thing – this metamorphosis will be way more delicious!



Going from hard and assertive to soft, sweet and mellow onions and garlic can transform just about any dish.  Be a kitchen warrior and avoid the onion tear jerk by letting them sit in cold water for an hour before cutting, and stop garlic from lingering by eating an apple slice for dessert.



While most people have only ever tried radishes on their al pastor tacos, we found a way that you can get to know this delicious root vegetable a little better.   Just sauté this taproot to turn it into soft slices of sweetness with this recipe for Radishes and Bok Coy.

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Short Rib

Break down the toughness of this meat by braising and you’ll be left with that soft tender, fall-off-the-bone meat we all crave.  Food & Wine’s recipe for Short Rib Bourguignon with bacon and red wine will surely keep you occupied until the cold clears.



Melt down brandy, dry mustard, garlic, white wine, and a mountain cheese to create a sweet aromatic dip that’s guaranteed to warm your soul.  Dip with bread, soft pretzels, ham sandwiches or whatever comfort food you can get your hands on.



This Caribbean fruit starts off rough and starchy and cooks down to become soft, caramel-like and perfect for sweet or savory dishes.   Try this traditional Panamanian side dish any time of year for a taste of the tropics.

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