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5 Ways to Eat Up Our Fresh Burrata


Burrata, The Stuff Cheese Dreams Are Made Of

Burrata, translated as buttery, or buttered, is a fresh Italian-style cheese, with a fresh mozzarella outer shell, with a delicious, rich center of mozzarella curd and slightly whipped cream. At Di Bruno Bros., we are excited to offer this beautiful cheese with an almost 100-year old Italian recipe.  Grab it in store or have it delivered to your doorstep – keep a look out for our updated packaging and get ready to slice, salt, drizzle, enjoy this delicately cheesy wonder.

This cheesy treat can be enjoyed every which way. 

1. Pillowy Burrata for Breakfast in Bed

Burrata for Breakfast

Try burrata for breakfast! Drizzle your favorite oil or grab some fresh fruit and trickle honey all over. Dip with toasted bread for a great morning crunch.

2. Meaty Burrata Bites with Fresh Zest

Burrata Appetizer

Photo credit: Jessica Burns

Easily, the most delicious appetizer you can throw together in seconds.  WOW ‘em  with just toasted bread, tomato, prosciutto, and burrata to boot. Delicious! []

3. Di Bruno Bros. House of Cheese, Burrata with Heirloom Tomatoes

Photo credit: Jason Varney for The House of Cheese

This variation on a Caprese salad is a Di Bruno Bros. classic. Serve it with grilled bread, olives, and Prosecco for a light appetizer or summery lunch.  Tenaya Darlington, or as she’s known on the cheese streets, Madame Fromage, has a few delicious words to say about this one!  Read more: [Di Bruno Bros. House of Cheese]

4. Burrata on Pizza.  So perfectly easy.

Artichoke, Olive, & Burrata Pizza

Photo credit: Max Kelly

Commence head-tilting intrigueartichokes, fresh olives and burrata on a pizza?  So many options come to mind. Grab olives from our antipasto bar and go wild.  Black olives salt cured in red peppers?  Castelvetrano? Or classic Cerignola?  You just can’t go wrong.   [Bon Appetit]

5. Burrata for The Sweet Tooth


Photo credit: Aida Mollenkamp

Sweet and delicious, mix burrata with pomegranates and persimmons for a sweet and salty bite, perfect for dessert. []

Any way you eat our burrata, brace yourself for fresh, juicy flavor like none other.

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