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Ubriaco Cheese
  • Ubriaco Cheese

Ubriaco Cheese

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Price: $9.99 /8 oz

Country: Italy
Unit Size: 8 oz
Cheese Type: Spiced & Herb
Cheese Texture: Semi-Firm
Cheese Milk: Cow

Description: A firm cow's milk cheese from the highlands of Lombardy with a sweet flavor from being washed in young Chianti.

All of our cheeses are hand-cut, by humans. For this reason, our product weights may fluctuate between 7oz and 9 oz.

It is said that this cheese was drowned in wine to hide it from the tax man who went from house to house to tax farmers on the cheeses that they made. Cheese makers hid the cheese in their wine barrels to save some money. How lucky are we?


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