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Maxx Extra

Robust and vivid with notes of roasted squash and wilted scallion.

Quick Overview :

$14.99 8 oz.

Product Description

Just this side of hard, irresistibly bite-able, with the occasional crystal burst. Universally adored, a popular cheese without aany air of arrogance.

Quick Facts

Country of Origin: Switzerland
Milk Type/Treatment: Thermized Cow
Rennet Type: Animal

The Flavor Experience

Maxx Extra is not shy in the flavor department—intense and savory with roasted pumpkin and sweated green onion flavors. The dense, fudgy paste (it’s a double-cream!) is easy both to cut and eat, and will carry all its characteristic flavors on its journey to melted. EVERYONE loves Maxx Extra; nary a palate has turned down this flavorful but universally approachable Gruyere.

The Story

Maxx Extra is a political radical amongst cheeses! For over 75 years, the Swiss Cheese Union regulated cheese production. This institution was resistant to novel styles, subsequently discouraging cheesemakers from exploring unique products. When the Swiss Cheese Union collapsed in 1999, the doors to innovation were opened, and brothers Daniel and Thomas Studer could let the almost-obnoxious but now beloved rebel that was Maxx Extra into our world. Decades of restraint, though, paid off. Maxx Extra may be distinct and bold, but it remains a great example of the classic Alpine style.

Usage Tips

What wouldn’t you put this cheese into? Mac & cheese, grilled cheese sandwiches, French onion soup, and fondue are no-brainers. Swap this out for the sliced Swiss on your Reuben, and trade the sauerkraut for kimchee. In fact, Maxx Extra LOVES Asian flavors, a massive cuisine not typically tied to cheese, so pull out the Sriracha and teriyaki beef. Have you tried out classic Maxx Extra S'mores, with Italian torrone and Taza chocolate? Take the next step and pair this cheese with Poco Dolce’s Five Spice chocolate bar and sesame Caviaroli. Your guests will never know what hit them.

Straight From the Monger’s Mouth

“You would think Maxx Extra contained a massive electromagnet—we all find it quickly and gravitate back repeatedly, mongers and customers alike.” — Ann C., Monger & Encyclopaedia Brit-Ann-ica

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