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Di Bruno Brothers is your source for gourmet Sopressata. Sopressata is an Italian dry cured salami, usually made from pork, and commonly sliced thin. Unlike traditional salami, Sopressata is course ground, giving it an uneven, rustic appearance with large chunks of visible fat for delicious flavor and a smooth texture. Some Italian Sopressata is sweet or salty, spiced with salt and black pepper, and others are hot and spicy, often flavored with red pepper. Di Bruno Bros offers both sweet and spicy gourmet Sopressata online. Our old-fashioned Sopressata is the perfect appetizer for both informal gatherings and elegant parties, whether served on its own or paired with crackers and gourmet cheeses like aged sharp cheddar or fresh mozzarella balls. Complete your snack with one of our private label olive oils or aged balsamic vinegars. Find the finest selection of gourmet Sopresseta, cured meats and other gourmet groceries online at Di Bruno Bros.

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