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Di Bruno Bros Catering

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Recipes & Tips

Easter Pie, Or As The Italians Say, "Pizza Rustica"

This classic Italian Easter recipe has been passed down through our Di Bruno Bros. family for generations. Johnny Zancolli, manager of our Franklin location...
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News & Events

Special Guest: Maître Fromager, Max McCalman

World-renowned cheese expert and artisanal cheese advocate, Max McCalman is visiting Philly this month! Awarded the title of Maître Fromager from France's...
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Deals & Discounts

Pasta Pot Full of Love: An Ode to Sunday Suppers

Pasta Pot Full of Love. Whether it’s Puttanesca, Sweet Basil & Garlic, our Arrabiatta or Vodka, we’ve got something delicious to dress up...
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